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Mizu To Ikiru

Mana Kharupong

Senior Manager, Engineering and Energy

"Mizu To Ikiru" is our promise to fulfil our company mission of living in harmony with people and nature. We asked Mana Kharupong, Senior Manager, Engineering and Energy, how SUNTORY BEVERAGE & FOOD INTERNATIONAL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. balances the needs of customers and the natural environment.

1. Please tell us about your role at Suntory Beverage & Food.
I joined the company in 2005. My current role is Senior Manager, Engineering and Energy, which means I am responsible for new machinery, machinery maintenance and utility supply. My role includes energy management and sustainability projects, so I'm directly involved in our efforts to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.
2. What are the main characteristics of Suntory Beverage & Food as a company, in your view?
I appreciate being part of an organization which encourages its employees to propose new initiatives and actually gives them the chance to follow through and make that initiative happen. That's what this company means to me.
3. Suntory has a vision of "Growing for Good." Why does the company make this a priority?
I think that any company can run a successful business in the long term based on three main factors. First is to have sufficient resources to do business. For example, Suntory Beverage & Food needs natural resources such as raw materials for products and packaging, as well as energy for the production process. The second factor is the technology and means to produce and deliver products and services to customers. The third factor is customer satisfaction and brand recognition, not only for providing good-quality products and services but also a strong corporate reputation based on what it does for society and communities. All three factors impact on each other. The factory needs water for use in production, but irresponsible use of water resources may have an impact on the environment and community. Therefore, we always pursue socially responsible growth that respects the environment while enhancing the standard of living of people in the community. This is the only way to run a sustainable business.
4. "Mizu To Ikiru" highlights the important role that nature, including water, plays in our business and daily lives. How do you realize the promise of "Mizu To Ikiru" for the company?
I belong to the Engineering and Energy Department, so I'm personally and directly responsible for energy efficiency and water recycling. We have set up an assessment system for energy and water usage and plan to improve efficiency every year. My team is also in charge of recording data on carbon emissions and taking measures aimed at improving our emissions results year on year.
5. Is there a way for all Suntory Beverage & Food employees to contribute?
Yes, "Giving back to society" is one of our fundamental values and in Thailand we have many CSR projects every year with the local community and also nationwide. For example, last year our employees at the Pinthong factory cooperated with the local community to improve and renovate a playground and paint buildings and facilities in a community school near our factory in Chonburi Province. They also run our "Water is Life campaign - Mizuiku" in that school to build students' awareness of the importance and necessity of water for their lives through various activities.
6. Finally, how would you advise your colleagues to work and succeed in this company?
I usually tell my teammates that "The past and the obstacles in our way are things we have to learn, but what we do today will determine the future." I want them to keep moving freely and tackle new challenges without fear of failure. Approaching work and life with this kind of attitude will eventually bring benefits to the whole company. The Suntory value of "Yatte Minahare"* helps to drive our success. Every challenge is an opportunity to succeed, if you dare to overcome it.

* "Yatte Minahare" means dream big, take challenges, and never give up. It is our spirit of bold ambition. It was the saying of our founder, Shinjiro Torii, and it is now one of our core values. "Yatte Minahare" drives our bold ventures. With the power of these words, we dare to take on new challenges, question the status quo, and keep driving forward.
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