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Pursuing the Perfect Beer

We always take new challenges and never stick to the status quo. It was Keizo Saji, the second president of Suntory, who made the decision to enter into the beer market by building our own brewery. At that time, the beer market in Japan was dominated by a few major companies and it was difficult for new entrants to compete. Furthermore, Suntory had been having a lot of success in the whisky business. This decision was powered by Shinjiro's favorite saying, "Yatte Minahare." Today, this is one of our core values and it always encourages us to dream big, take challenges, and never give up.

To introduce a new type of beer to Japanese people, Keizo and his employees thoroughly studied foreign beers by visiting breweries and market overseas. After years of research of various aspects including water, and many trials and errors, we launched Suntory Beer in 1963. Four years later, we launched Jun-nama, Japan's very first "nama" (non-pasteurized) beer. This Jun-nama was well-received in the market, and drove us to develop new, even more innovative products. Over the years, we strived to develop products that would suit the increasingly diverse tastes in Japan. In 1986, we released the 100% malt Malt's beer.

Pursuing the dream to create the world's highest-quality pilsner beer led us to develop The Premium Malt's. This is a premium beer made from the finest ingredients and a unique production method. It won the "Grand Gold Quality Award" in beer category at the Monde Selection competition in Belgium for three consecutive years, from 2005 to 2007. Today, The Premium Malt's is a leading premium beer brand in Japan, and is enjoyed overseas.

Here at Suntory, we have a never-ending drive to innovate and to grow. Even in the mature beer market in Japan, we will keep challenging, and provide new value and drinking styles to our customers.