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Our Daring Entrepreneur Spirit

Here at Suntory, we are never satisfied with the status quo, and we are always taking challenges to create and offer new value to enrich our consumer's lives. In all of our challenges, we have always been driven by our "Yatte Minahare" spirit, which encourages us to dream big, take challenges, and never give up.

We began expanding our presence in the non-alcoholic beverage business in 1972, after our success in the wine and spirits industries. At the time, people still brewed tea themselves. After years of thorough research on the tea leaves themselves, the blending methods, quality control, and the different production methods, we launched canned oolong tea in 1981. It was suited to Japanese tastes and quickly became very popular. It also popularized the Ready to Drink concept―drinks you could enjoy anywhere, at any time―in the tea market. Suntory Oolong Tea is one of our best-selling products and a well-known brand in the non-alcoholic beverage market in Japan.

In 1992, we released the BOSS canned coffee, which was made to provide rich and flavorful options and act as an "aibo" (a reliable partner with many years of trusted experience) for working people. Over time, BOSS has grown into a long beloved brand with a variety of products, all designed to suit the various changing lifestyles and tastes of our consumers. In recent years, we have also released choices for healthier life styles like Suntory Black Oolong Tea and Iyemon Tokucha that the Consumer Affairs Agency of the Japanese government has certified to be "FOSHU" or "Foods for Specified Health Uses." With our wide non-alcoholic beverage product portfolio, we provide value to our consumers every day.

We took up the new challenge of entering the health and wellness market in the 1990s, utilizing the expertise accumulated from our experience in various types of R&D. Our first supplement, Sesamin, was launched in 1993, after our long research and success in scientifically proving the health benefits of sesame seeds, which had always been thought to be healthy in Japan. Since then, we have been developing and delivering multiple high-quality health and wellness products globally.

We boldly ventured into the restaurant industry in 1970s and the flower business in 1980s to delight our consumers by providing new dining experiences and colors to their everyday lives. Since the 1990s, we have been developing our businesses overseas, becoming a world-leading company in both the spirits and soft drink market.

Suntory's history has been shaped by our spirit of bold challenge. We dream big and do things that nobody has done before. We work tirelessly towards our ambitions, and never give up. Our passion has driven us to create new markets and new value. Powered by our "Yatte Minahare" spirit, Suntory will dare to dream, as we always have, to provide even more value to consumers throughout the world.