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Making the Impossible Possible

When you dare to dream, the journey is never easy. Just as Shinjiro Torii strived for his dream so many years ago, in Suntory, we dare to take challenges. This is because we believe the most rewarding challenges are the ones we choose for ourselves. This is the story of us making the impossible possible, with the development of blue rose, APPLAUSE.

You may have never seen a blue rose. Blue roses symbolize the impossible. They're something that no one else had been able to produce, but at Suntory, we thrive on making the impossible a reality. Developing blue roses was a way for us to show our "Yatte Minahare" spirit.

We started making these "impossible" flowers in 1990. Senior General Manager, Yoshikazu Tanaka, PhD was the perfect man for the job. His team of experts worked tirelessly to complete the most fundamental step-isolating blue genes. The team were successful in achieving their first goal in 1991. The dream of the world's first blue rose seemed very close.

But this would not be a "Yatte Minahare" story without some adversity. Sadly, the first batch of roses, which bloomed in 1994, was not blue at all. But we were not discouraged. We decided to try something different and succeeded in growing blue carnations in 1995. Encouraged by this success, we moved forward. In 2004, we finally succeeded in creating the world's first blue rose, with beautiful blue petals-a flower that was said to be impossible to create. Without having followed our dream and kept challenging until the success, we would not have arrived at this achievement.