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Finding the Perfect Pairing

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Many people believe that red wine and red meat are the perfect pairing. Why is this? Suntory took a scientific approach by focusing on the sensation in the mouth to find out how and why certain foods and beverages go so well together.

In this research, people were asked to try several different combinations of food and drink. For example, they were asked to drink either oolong tea or a bitter drink, and eat salami. Afterwards, they were asked to complete a twenty-one step evaluation of the oiliness, bite (sharp flavor), and bitterness of these different combinations.


People felt less oiliness when they ate salami after drinking oolong tea. They also felt less oiliness when they drank oolong tea after eating salami, compared to when they drank the bitter drink.

The results of the sensory evaluation were clear. In this research, most people prefer a beverage with more of a bite when they eat fatty or oily food. This is one reason why oolong tea and dishes with high fat content go perfectly together.

True to our commitment to delight customers, we use scientific approaches to find the reason behind food-beverage pairings, and work to produce beverages that go perfectly with certain types of food. The results of our research will be promoted through our high-quality products, so that people can enjoy their dining experience more.