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Collaboration Adds More Flavor

As Thai consumers have become more health-conscious, the market has seen strong growth in demand for bottled water and non-carbonated soft drinks, which now account for 70%* of sales.

Urban consumers in particular are seeking 'guilt-free' ways to stay refreshed and hydrated while making healthier lifestyle choices. Responding to this trend, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited pioneered a new 'water plus' category with goodmood, a flavored bottled water that utilizes technology and expertise from Suntory in Japan.

In Japan, Suntory already offers its popular Suntory Tennensui ('natural water') brand in flavored versions such as orange, peach, yogurt and lemon-tea flavors. With goodmood, SPBT faced the task of developing a flavored water that would cater to Thai tastes and lifestyles. Following close cooperation between R&D teams in Thailand and Japan, goodmood was finally launched in March 2019.

The R&D process involved systematic creative team work between SPBT and Suntory Beverage and Food in order to perfect the product. While flavored water appears simple to the eye, there are a number of technical difficulties that must be overcome in order to preserve the natural fruit taste and maintain the transparency of the product by preventing any stray particles of fruit from settling in the final product.

During the product development phase, researchers discovered that thermal processing - which sterilizes the beverage - was also leading to a reduction in taste and aroma. To compensate, they used a 'nitro hot-fill' technique which locks the fresh taste and aroma of fruit in the final product.

In accordance with Suntory Beverage and Food group's quality control standard, which is committed to ensuring zero quality defects and zero waste, goodmood is rigorously quality-checked at every stage, from the sourcing of ingredients and packaging materials to product handling, production, and storage.

Currently available in yoghurt and , blackcurrant and lemon honey flavors, goodmood contains no preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners , making it a more natural alternative to most other soft drinks. goodmood is also a healthier beverage endorsed by FDA Healthier Choice logo sugar less than 6g./100ml. goodmood a clear guiltless refreshment that will brighten up your day with uplifting sensation. The final product is packaged in an easy-to-grip PET bottle that appeals to consumers on the go. The product was launched in Thailand with the slogan 'goodmood for good day', which highlights the positive mood changes made possible by adding a burst of flavor to your day.

Our R&D team have found that Thai consumers appreciate such product innovations that enable them to adjust to more health-conscious trends in society. With goodmood, Suntory is also keeping up its proud tradition of not only developing new beverage products, but also creating new lifestyles around beverage consumption.

*Source: The Nielsen Company (Thailand) Limited, Retail Index MAT December 2018, Sales Value, Total TH On+Off premise