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Preserving and Nurturing Water

Our craftsmanship would not be possible without precious nature's gifts, especially water. Because of our respect and appreciation for water, we are committed to keeping it pure and abundant for future generations.

True to this commitment, Suntory has pledged to nurture and protect the forests that create the quality groundwater used in our products through the Suntory Natural Water Sanctuary project since 2003. Expanding the area of our preservation efforts to 12,000 hectors, Natural Water Sanctuary Project has achieved it's 2020 Goal: "cultivating water more than double the amount of groundwater pumped up in the Suntory Group's plants in Japan" in 2019. In 2016, Beam Suntory has established its own 33-acre Natural Water Sanctuary on its Maker's Mark distillery grounds―our very first Natural Water Sanctuary outside of Japan and set up another "Natural Water Sanctuary" in 2018, next to the Jim Beam Distillery, in collaboration with Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest.

Suntory also established Mizuiku―Education Program for Nature and Water in 2004. In Japanese, "mizu" means water, and "iku" means education. This program aims to teach younger generations the importance of water and forests. In this program, students learn about environmental conservation through hands-on education. In 2015, we tailored this "Mizuiku―I love clean water" program and expanded it to Vietnam.

In 2017, Suntory also announced the Suntory Group Sustainable Water Philosophy to ensure precious water for the future generations in Suntory Group's operation areas. As our business grows globally, our efforts towards water sustainability will expand as well.