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Enrich lives

In Suntory, we do more than creating good products. We strive to inspire and improve the lives we touch through culture and humanities. For more than 100 years, giving back to society has been the Suntory way.

This belief began with Shinjiro Torii, our founder. Shinjiro actively worked on community projects to improve the lives of the people around him. In 1961, Keizo Saji, the second president of Suntory, opened the Suntory Museum of Art with the vision of bringing emotional enrichment to people's daily lives. This museum showcases our desire to link ancient art to modern art, Eastern art to Western art, across the boundaries of time, place, and culture. This is one example of how Suntory gives back to society.

Keizo Saji once said, "Contributions to society should be driven by an individual's genuine will." Suntory displayed this will when it announced the construction of Suntory Hall-Tokyo's first classical music hall dedicated to live concerts. We collaborated with renowned experts from the worlds of music and architecture to give advice on the hall's design. This included Herbert von Karajan, a famous conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The hall opened in 1986 and was quickly recognized as one of the best classical music concert halls in the world.

Suntory Museum and Suntory Hall are Suntory's "thank you" to the people around us. It is an honor to have so many people from all over the world visit Suntory Museum and Suntory Hall. We hope to share our founding spirit of giving back to society and creating harmony with people all around the world.

For more information about Suntory Hall, visit https://www.suntory.com/culture-sports/suntoryhall/.
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